AMP Forklift Battery and Charger Service

Forklift batteries and chargers represent substantial investments in your material handling operation. Proper maintenance is the key to enhancing the performance of your electric forklifts and batteries, extending their useful life, and ultimately reducing your overall fleet costs. Entrusting this crucial service to trained professionals ensures that each battery and charger is maintained at peak performance levels.

We take pride in servicing and maintaining thousands of forklift batteries in the Nashville and Chattanooga, Tennessee; Dalton and Gainesville, Georgia; and Bowling Green, Kentucky areas. Our commitment extends to servicing ALL MAKES and MODELS of forklift batteries and chargers. Whether you have a diverse fleet with various brands, batteries, chargers, and voltages, or a fleet with exact matching products, our team of experienced battery service professionals can deliver the same high-quality service for every unit. We conduct thorough inspections and efficient repairs to minimize downtime and enhance productivity across your operation.

Our comprehensive range of forklift battery and charger services includes:

  1. Parts and Supplies: We offer a wide selection of essential parts and related supplies to keep your equipment running smoothly.
  2. AMP Planned Maintenance: Explore our AMP Planned Maintenance program to ensure your forklift batteries and chargers receive routine care and repairs. Click here to view our Planned Maintenance FAQ for more information.
  3. Emergency Repairs: Count on our rapid response times and 24-hour emergency service to address urgent repair needs promptly.
  4. Cleaning: We provide on-site, fully contained battery washing services to keep your batteries in top condition.
  5. Accessories: Discover a range of accessories, including parts, watering systems, and safety items, all available through AMP.

For service, repair, or a proposal to manage the maintenance of your forklift batteries, please contact us or give us a call at 888-650-6903. We’re here to meet your battery and charger service needs.

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To learn more about Amp Battery and Charger Services and to request a quote, reach out! Our services are designed to help you reduce costs and extend the useful life of your batteries and chargers. Contact us today to explore how we can optimize your material handling operations.