MHI Rental Systems

Unlock the financial benefits of MHI Rental Systems, a program tailored for both new equipment acquisitions and existing equipment. With this program, you can liberate yourself from the complexities of managing a forklift fleet, including the questions of what, when, how much, and why.

Why not entrust this responsibility to forklift professionals with decades of experience in the field? Take a moment to review the information provided below or reach out to us at (888) 865-2083 to explore the financing and leasing options available for forklifts, along with our fleet management services. You can also visit any of our CLARK, Linde, Baoli, Komatsu, Doosan, and Princeton lift truck dealer locations in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia for personalized assistance. We’re here to simplify and optimize your forklift operations.

MHI Rental Systems – A Win/Win Partnership!

As a valued customer, you receive these benefits:

  • Enjoy Improved Business Performance: Experience enhanced operational efficiency and productivity.
  • Reduce Costs: Save on upfront cash outlays and lower maintenance expenses.
  • Create a Long-Term Fleet Management Program: Establish a strategic plan for long-term success.

MHI offers:

  • Fair Sharing of Risks: We believe in a balanced partnership where risks and benefits are shared equitably.
  • Fair Business Relationship Targeting the Long-Term: Our focus is on building enduring partnerships.
  • Complete Flexibility, Designed by Forklift People Specifically for Forklift Users: Our programs are tailored to your unique needs as a forklift user.

Why Leasing is a Viable Acquisition Alternative

  • Leasing offers significant advantages:
  • Improved Cash Flow: Leasing preserves your working capital and boosts cash flow.
  • Right Equipment for the Job: It ensures you always have the most suitable equipment for your evolving needs.
  • Budgeting: Fixed rates make budgeting predictable and straightforward.
  • Hedge Against Rising Costs: Leasing locks in costs at today’s value, protecting you from future increases.
  • Highly Efficient: It minimizes maintenance costs and downtime by facilitating equipment replacement when needed.

Why Use the MHI PowerLease Program for Your Fleet

  • Our PowerLease Program offers these unique advantages:
  • MHI Ownership: We own the equipment, eliminating third-party involvement.
  • Customized Solutions: We tailor equipment lease terms and maintenance coverage to match specific job requirements.
  • Comprehensive Plant Survey: Our survey ensures precise equipment selection and maintenance coverage.
  • Inserted Provisions: We address operational issues specific to your needs, including overtime calculations, equipment changes, and fleet management meetings.
  • Guaranteed Residual Value: We commit to the equipment’s residual value, offering transparency and no hidden fees.
  • No Unreasonable Language: Our contracts are straightforward, with no surprises or ambiguous terms.
  • No Redelivery Fees: We don’t burden you with costly freight fees for equipment returns.
  • Clear Equipment Condition Terms: We define equipment condition return stipulations clearly, eliminating ambiguity and unwarranted charges.

Partner with MHI Rental Systems for a transparent, cost-effective, and efficient solution to your fleet management needs.

The Power in MHI Rental Systems Partnerships

Learn more about the differences in our Rental Systems and other company's lease programs.