There are times when Original Equipment Manufacturer parts (OEM) are delayed from the manufacturer. When this occurs, productivity can be hampered and when MHI is made aware of this by the customer, we go into immediate action.

Below is a letter we received from a long-time client, thanking MHI and one of our Parts Specialists for his hard work in maximizing their productivity.

“I would like to let you know that we recently had an issue with getting a part. This issue did not come from your shop but from the manufacturer. However, this did result in one of our forklifts being out of service. During the time that we were waiting on this part, I communicated to Milton the urgency for us to get this lift back in service. I would like to commend Milton for going out of his way to insure that we received the part as quick as humanly possible. I personally wanted to let you know that I have always gotten great customer service from your group and I appreciate the effort that it takes to make this happen. I wish each of our vendors took this much pride in their work. Thanks again!”

Joe Swires, Maintenance Planner
Plant 78, Fibers Division

We understand that our job at MHI goes beyond parts acquisition or forklift repair, the bottom line is your productivity. When you have a productivity problem, so do we. And we work as hard for you, as we would for our own business!

Success Story: Bassco Building Supplies

Mike Fox, our parts specialist in our Nashville branch had been working with a competitor on a Princeton E2-3RVX which was having electrical issues. He was asked to order a Control Panel for the unit they were working on. After ordering and shipping the part, the problem with the unit was not solved. The competitor wanted to price a Control Module for the unit, which proved to be no longer available. A retrofit kit was offered but the kit was back ordered at Princeton for 6-8 weeks. In addition, the kit was going to be quite costly.

Mike looked up the unit serial number in the MHI system to try to find more information about the unit and found that this unit belonged to Bassco, a former MHI customer. At this point he began searching for a used Control Module. Mike located a used Module, but it would have to be sent out for testing to ensure it worked properly. This testing would delay shipping of the part about 7 to 10 days.

Mike gathered all the information and was preparing to make a call to our competitor when the phone rang. On the phone was none other than Joe, from Bassco. He told Mike that he had his unit at another dealer and wanted to know if they were talking to MHI about the parts they were trying to order. Mike, being an honest employee, informed Joe that he indeed was trying to help another dealer find parts for the unit.

After Mike informed Joe of the steps he was taking, Joe asked Mike to let him know as soon as he had further information, because he couldn’t wait 6-8 weeks for the kit from Princeton and he really didn’t want to spend that much money.

A couple of days passed and Mike happened to see Joe in our facility, he had come in and talked to Mike Sain, our President and Steve Dunn, our Service Manager in Nashville. When Mike stopped to talk to him about the unit he had issues with and the used Control Module he was sourcing, Joe informed Mike that the unit was on a wrecker and on its way to our Nashville shop for us to repair.

The used Control Module tested well and was installed by our Nashville branch service department. The unit fired up and worked beautifully.  The customer’s problem was solved, saving Joe thousands of dollars and weeks of down time.

We appreciate the efforts of all MHI employees, putting the customer first, always, trying to help them solve their problems, increase their productivity and improve their bottom line. We appreciate the opportunity that Bassco gave us to once again, prove our value in their material handling operation and we are very glad to once again have them as a loyal customer!